Principal Investigator

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    Professor of Bioscience and Computer Science

    Research Interests: Single cell genomic analysis, Artificial intelligence, Live cell imaging, Stem cell biology, Dynamical systems, Machine learning, Neuroscience, Collective computation, Systems biology, Natural computation, Bioinformatics

Research Scientists

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    Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Data analysis, Computational biology

Research Consultants

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    Assistant Professor at Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden
    Research Interests: Natural computation, Network Biology, Algorithmic information theory

Visiting Researchers

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    ​Visiting Research Specialist
    Research Interests: Methods in molecular biology, Molecular biology

Research Group Staff

Visiting Students

  • Research Interests: Computational biology, Systems biology, Single cell genomic analysis
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    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Research Interests: Machine learning, Generative model, Complex system, Reinforcement learning