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  • ​Systems biology of innate immunity
    J. Tegnér, R. Nilsson, V.B. Bajic, J. Björkegren, and T. Ravasi
    Cellular Immunology; 244(2):105-9. Epub Apr 11, 2006
Dynamics; Genome; Innate immunity; Macrophages; Networks; Protein-protein interactions; Regulatory circuits; Systems biology; Transcriptional regulation
  • ​A biophysical model of multiple-item working memory: a computational and neuromaging
    J. Macoveanu, T. Klingberg, and J. Tegnér
    Neuroscience, Sep 1;141(3):1611-1618, 2006
Developmental mechanisms; Neural network models; Parietal lobe
  • ​Transcriptional network dynamics in macrophage activation
    R. Nilsson, V.B. Bajic, S. Katayama, H. Suzuki, D. di Bernardo, J. Björkegren, M.J. Sweet, P. Carninci, Y. Hayashizaki, D.A. Hume, J. Tegnér, and T. Ravasi
    Genomics Aug; 88(2):133-142, 2006
Complex systems; Genome; Inflammation; Innate immunity; Macrophages; Network dynamics; Regulatory networks; System biology; Transcriptional regulation
  • ​Detection of compound mode of action by computational integration of whole-genome measurements and genetic perturbations
    K. Hallen, J. Björkegren and J. Tegnér
    BMC Bioinformatics 7:51, 2006
Drug development; Expression measurements; Expression profile; Prior information; Regulatory network; Search strategies; Short interfering RNA (siRNA); Target identification
  • ​A flexible implementation for Support Vector Machines
    R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
    The Mathematica Journal, Vol 10, 1,114-127, 2006
Support Vector Machines (SVM); Pattern recognition; Nonlinear regression
  • ​Evaluating feature selection for SVMs in high dimensions 
    R. Nilsson, J. Pena, J. Björkegren, and J. Tegnér
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 719-726, Springer, 2006
Computer simulation; Data reduction; Regularization; Support vector machines (SVM)
  • ​Identifying relevant nodes without learning the model
    J. Pena, R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, and J. Tegnér
    Proceedings of the 22nd Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, UAI 2006, Pages 367-374, 2006

Conditional probability distributions; Artificial intelligence; Bayesian networks; Gene expression
  • ​Reading dependencies from the minimal undirected independence map of a graphoid that satisfies weak transitivity
    J. Pena, R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, and J. Tegnér
    EWGP, 247-254, 2006
Graphical criteria; Sound and complete; Weak transitivity