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  • ​Detecting multivariate differentially expressed genes
    R. Nilsson, J. M. Peña, J. Björkegren and J. Tegnér
    BMC Bioinformatics 8:150, 2007
Breast neoplasms; Diabetes Mellitus; Gene expression regulation; Multivariate analysis; Protein array analysis
  • ​Human C-reactive protein slows atherosclerosis development in a mouse model with human-like hypercholesterolemia
    A. Kovacs, P. Tornvall, R. Nilsson, J. Tegnér, A. Hamsten, J. Björkegren
    Proceedings of National Academy of Science Aug 21;104(34):13768-73, 2007
Acute-phase protein; Apolipoprotein B100; Coronary artery disease; Low-density lipoprotein; Plaques
  • ​Fronto-parietal connection asymmetry regulates working memory distractibility
    F. Edin, T. Klingberg, J. Stödberg, and J. Tegnér
    Journal of Integrative Neuroscience Issue 4, vol 6, 567-596, 2007
Computational neuroscience; Connectivity; Cortico-cortical interactions; Directed transfer function; Distractibility; EEG; Frontal cortex; Neuronal circuits; Parietal cortex; Working memory
  • ​Perturbations to uncover gene networks
    J. Tegnér, and J. Björkegren
    Trends in Genetics, Jan;23(1):34-41, 2007
Algorithms; Computational biology; Gene regulatory networks; Genomics; Research design; Systems theory
  • Consistent feature selection for pattern recognition in polynomial time
    R. Nilsson, J.M., Peña, J. Björkegren and J. Tegnér
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 8(March):589-612, 2007
Bioinformatics; Classification; Learning theory; Markov blanket; Relevance
  • ​Neuronal firing rates account for distractor effects on mnemonic accuracy in a visuo-spatial working memory task
    J. Macoveanu, T. Klingberg, and J. Tegnér
    Biological Cybernetics, Vol. 96: 407-419, 2007
Action Potentials; Memory, Nerve net; Space perception; Visual perception
  • ​Stronger synaptic connectivity as a mechanism behind development of working memory-related brain activity during childhood
    F. Edin, J. Macoveanu, P. Olesen, J. Tegnér, and T. Klingberg
    Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 19:5, 750–760 2007
Adolescent; Brain mapping; Child development; Computer simulation; Magnetic resonance imaging
  • ​Towards scalable and data efficient learning of Markov Boundaries
    J.M. Peña, R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, and J. Tegnér
    International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Volume 45, Issue 2, Pages 211-232, 2007
Bayesian networks; Classification; Feature subset selection
  • ​Brain activity related to working memory and distraction in children and adults
    P. Olsen, J. Macoveanu, J. Tegnér, and T. Klingberg
    Cerebral Cortex, May; 17: 1047-1054, 2007
Development; Dorsolateral; Event related; fMRI; Prefrontal; Visuospatial
  • ​Multi-organ whole-genome measurements and reverse engineering to uncover gene networks underlying complex traits
    J. Tegnér, J. Skogsberg, and J. Björkegren
    Journal of Lipid Research, vol 48, 267-277, 2007
Computational modeling; Coronary atherosclerosis; Global gene expression; Individualized medicine; Multicellular disease
  • ​Systembiologin ger möjlighet att förstå komplex sjukdom i detalj
    J. Björkegren and J. Tegnér
    Läkartidningen, 17-23;104(42):3042-5, 2007
Atherosclerosis; Gene expression; Gene regulatory networks; Genetic screening; Genome, Systems Biology
  • ​Learning and validating Bayesian network models of genetic regulatory networks
    J.M. Peña, J. Björkegren, and J. Tegnér
    Advances in Probabilistic Graphical Models, 359-376, Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Vol. 213. P. Lucas, J. Gámez, A. Salmerón (Eds.) SpringerVerlag, 2007
Bayesian network; Genetic regulatory networks