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  • ​Phosphoproteomics reveals regulatory T cell-Mediated DeF6 dephosphorylation that affects cytokine expression in human conventional T cells
    R.N. Joshi, N.A. Binai, F. Marabita, Z. Sui, A. Altman, A.J.R. Heck, J. Tegnér, A. Schmidt
    Frontiers in immunology 8, 1163, 2017
Regulatory T cell, Treg, CD4 T cell, Phosphoproteomics, DEF6, SLAT, NFAT, TCR signaling
  • Dynamics and heterogeneity of brain damage in multiple sclerosis
    E. Kotelnikova, N.A. Kiani, E. Abad, E.H. Martinez-Lapiscina, M. Andorra, I. Zubizarreta, I. Pulido-Valdeolivas, I. Pertsovskaya, L.G. Alexopoulos, T. Olsson, R. Martin, F. Paul, J. Tegnér, J. Garcia-Ojalvo, P. Villoslada
    PLoS computational biology 13 (10), 2017
Central-nervous-system, Demyelinating diseases, Pathology, Multiple sclerosis, Neurodegeneration, Remyelination, Pathogenesis, Inflammation
  • Guidelines for developing successful short advanced courses in systems medicine and systems biology
    D. Gomez-Cabrero, F. Marabita, S. Tarazona, I. Cano, J. Roca, A. Conesa, P. Sabatier, J. Tegnér
    Cell Systems, In press, 2017
Systems medicine, Systems biology
  • ​Hypermethylation of MIR21 in CD4+ T cells from patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis associates with lower miRNA-21 levels and concomitant up-regulation of its target genes
    S. Ruhrmann, E. Ewing, E. Piket, L. Kular, J.C.C. Lorenzi, (...), J. Tégner, D. Gomez-Cabrero, F. Piehl, M. Jagodic
    Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 1352458517721356, 2017
CD4+ T cells, DNA methylation, Autoimmunity, Epigenetics, MicroRNAs, Multiple sclerosis, Relapsing-remitting
  • ​Low-algorithmic-complexity entropy-deceiving graphs
    H. Zenil, N.A. Kiani, J. Tegnér
    Phys. Rev. E 96, 012308, 2017
Computational complexity, Algorithmic complexity, Entropy rates, Information theoretic measure
  • ​Omic signatures in frailty and frailty diagnosis
    D. Gomez-Cabrero, S. Walter, I. Abugessaisa, L. Rodríguez-Mañas, J. Tégner
    Innovation in Aging, Volume 1, Issue suppl_1, Pages 903, 2017
Omic signatures
  • ​HiDi: An efficient reverse engineering schema for large scale dynamic regulatory network reconstruction using adaptive differentiation
    Y. Deng, H. Zenil, J. Tégner, N.A. Kiani
    ArXiv preprint, arXiv:1706.01241
Adaptive differentiation, Reverse engineering
  • ​Viva Europa, a land of excellence in research and innovation for health and wellbeing
    C. Auffray, M. Sagner, S. Abdelhak, I. Adcock, A. Agusti, M. Amaral, ... J. Tegnér at al...
    Progress in Preventive Medicine 2 (3), e006, 2017
Europe, Research
  • ​Editorial overview for the thematic issue on Clinical and translational systems biology
    J. Tegnér, D. Gomez-Cabrero
    Current opinion in systems biology, Volume 3, Pages xii-xiv, 2017
Living systems
  • ​SCENERY: a web application for (causal) network reconstruction from cytometry data
    G. Papoutsoglou, G. Athineou, V. Lagani, I. Xanthopoulos, A. Schmidt, S. Éliás, J. Tegnér, I. Tsamardinos
    Nucleic Acids Research, gkx448, 2017
Biological markers; Cells; Multimedia; Reconstructive surgical procedures; Machine learning
  • ​Comment on" Epigenetics in the pathogenesis of RA".
    D. Gomez-Cabrero, J. Tegnér, T.J. Ekström, C. Ospelt
    Seminars in immunopathology, pp 1–2, 2017
Rheumatoid arthritis; Autoimmune disorders; Immunopathology
  • ​Iterative systems biology for medicine – time for advancing from network signature to mechanistic equations
    D. Gomez-Cabrero, J. Tegnér
    Current Opinion in Systems Biology, Volume 3, Pages 111–118, 2017
Systems medicine; Kitano; Mathematical modeling; Causality
  • ​Predicting causal relationships from biological data: applying automated casual discovery on mass cytometry data of human immune cells
    S. Triantafillou, V. Lagani, C. Heinze-Deml, A. Schmidt, J. Tegner, I. Tsamardinos
    Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 12724, 2017
Biological data; Human immune cells; Molecular system; Immune system; Systems biology
  • The information theoretic and algorithmic approach to human, animal, and artificial cognition
    N. Gauvit, H. Zenil, J. Tegnér
    Representation and Reality: Humans, Animals and Machines”, Springer Verlag, 2015
Theoretic approach; Algorithmic approach, Human, Animal, Artificial cognition
  • ​Causality, Information and Biological computation: an algorithmic software approach to life, disease and the immune system
    H. Zenil, A. Schmidt, J. Tegnér
    Contribution to Information and Causality: From Matter to Life. Sara I. Walker, Paul C.W. Davies and George Ellis (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2017
Causality; Information; Biological Computation; Disease; Immune system
  • A minimal unified model of disease trajectories captures hallmarks of multiple sclerosis
    V. Kannan, N.A. Kiani, F. Piehl, and J. Tegnér
    Mathematical Biosciences, 2017
Multiple sclerosis; Disease trajectories; Disease progression; Central nervous system
  • ​Functional genomics analysis of vitamin D effects on CD4+ T-cells in vivo in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
    M. Zeitelhofera, M.Z. Adzemovica, D. Gomez-Cabreroc, P. Bergmana, S. Hochmeisterf, M. N’diayea, A. Paulsona, S. Ruhrmanna, M. Almgrena, J. Tegnér, T.J. Ekströma, A.O. Guerreiro-Cacaisa, and M. Jagodica
    PNAS Volume 114, Issue 9, Pages E1678-E1687, 2017
DNA methylation; Epigenetics; Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis; Multiple sclerosis; Vitamin D