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  • ​Neuronal methylation reveals CREB-asociated neuro-axonal impairment in Multiple Sclerosis
    L. Kular et al.
    Clinical Epigenetics, June 2019
Multiple sclerosis, Neurons, DNA methylation, DNA hydroxymethylation, Axonal guidance, Synaptic plasticity, CREB, Neurodegeneration
  • ​The thermodynamics of network coding, and an algorithmic refinement of the principle of maximum entropy
    H. Zenil, N.A. Kiani, J. Tegnér
    Entropy, 21(6), 560, 2019 
Second law of thermodynamics, Reprogrammability, Algorithmic complexity, Generative mechanisms, Deterministic systems, Algorithmic randomness
  • Algorithmic information dynamics of emergent, persistent, and colliding particles in the game of life
    H. Zenil, N.A. Kiani and J. Tegnér
    In A. Adamatzky (ed), From Parallel to Emergent Computing (book), Taylor & Francis / CRC Press,  pp.367-383, 2019

Kolmogorov-Chaitin complexity, Cellular automata, Algo-rithmic probability, Algorithmic Coding Theorem, Turing machines
  • Causal deconvolution by algorithmic generative models
    H. Zenil, N. Kiani,  A.A. Zea and J. Tegnér
    Nature Machine Intelligence, Jan 2019
Algorithmic generative models, Algorithmic probability, Algorithmic framework
  • Combining evidence from four immune cell types identifies DNA methylation patterns that implicate functionally distinct pathways during Multiple Sclerosis progression
    E. Ewing, L. Kular, S.J. Fernandes, N. Karathanasis, V. Lagani, S. Ruhrmann, I. Tsamardinos, J. Tegner, F. Piehl, D. Gomez-Cabrero, M. Jagodic
    EBioMedicine, 30 April 2019
450 K, DNA methylation, EPIC, Epigenetics, Immune cells, Multiple sclerosis
  • Feedforward regulation of Myc coordinates lineage-speciifc with housekeeping gene expression during B cell progenitor cell differentiation
    I. Ferreirós-Vidal, T. Carroll, (...) J. Tegner*, M. Merkenschlager*, D. Gomez-Cabrero
    PLoS Biology, March 2019 (*corresponding authors)
Cell differentiation, B cells, Gene expression, Gene regulation, Transcription factors, Cell metabolism
  • Phosphatase inhibitor PPP1R11 modulates resistance of human T cells toward Treg‐mediated suppression of cytokine expression
    R.N. Joshi, S.J. Fernandes, M.‐M. Shang, N.A. Kiani, D. Gomez‐Cabrero, J. Tegnér, A. Schmidt
    Journal of Leukocyte biology, 18 March 2019
CD4 T cell, T cell resistance, Immune suppression, Immunotherapy, Phosphatase, Regulatory T cell
  • MAPK pathways and B cells overactivation in multiple sclerosis revealed by phospoproteomics and genomic analysis 
    E. Kotelnikova, N.A. Kiani, (...), J. Tegner, P. Villoslada
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences April 2019
Multiple sclerosis, Phosphoproteomics, Signaling pathways, B cells, Autoimmunity
  • Estimations of integrated information based on algorithmic complexity and dynamic querying
    A. Hernández-Espinosa, H. Zenil, N.A. Kiani, J. Tegnér
    arXiv preprint, accepted in Entropy arXiv:1904.10393, 2019

Integrated information, Algorithmic complexity, Algorithmicinformation theory, Algorithmic randomness
  • An algorithmic information calculus for causal discovery and reprogramming systems
    H. Zenil, N.A. Kiani, F. Marabita, Y. Deng, S. Elias, A. Schmidt, G. Ball, J. Tegnér
    bioaRXiv, In Press iScience, June 2019, Cell Press

Reprogramming systems