Systems biology of innate immunity

Authors: J. Tegnér, R. Nilsson, V.B. Bajic, J. Björkegren, T. Ravasi
Dynamics Genome Innate immunity Macrophages Networks Protein-protein interactions Regulatory circuits Systems biology Transcriptional regulation

A biophysical model of multiple-item working memory: a computational and neuromaging

Authors: J. Macoveanu, T. Klingberg, J. Tegnér
Developmental mechanisms Neural network models Parietal lobe

Transcriptional network dynamics in macrophage activation

Authors: R. Nilsson, V.B. Bajic, S. Katayama, H. Suzuki, D. di Bernardo, J. Björkegren, M.J. Sweet, P. Carninci, Y. Hayashizaki, D.A. Hume, J. Tegnér, T. Ravasi
Complex systems Genome Inflammation Innate immunity Macrophages Network dynamics Regulatory networks System biology Transcriptional regulation

Detection of compound mode of action by computational integration of whole-genome measurements and genetic perturbations

Authors: K. Hallen, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Drug development Expression measurements Expression profile Prior information Regulatory network Search strategies Short interfering RNA (siRNA) Target identification

A flexible implementation for Support Vector Machines

Authors: R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Support vector machines (SVM) Pattern recognition Nonlinear regression

Evaluating feature selection for SVMs in high dimensions

Year:2006 ISSN:03029743
Authors: R. Nilsson, J. Pena, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Computer simulation Data reduction Regularization Support vector machines (SVM)

Identifying relevant nodes without learning the model

Authors: J. Pena, R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Conditional probability distributions Artificial intelligence Bayesian networks Gene expression

Reading dependencies from the minimal undirected independence map of a graphoid that satisfies weak transitivity

Authors: J. Pena, R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Graphical criteria Sound and complete Weak transitivity

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