Multi-Organ Expression Profiling Uncovers a Gene Modulein Coronary Artery Disease Involving TransendothelialMigration of Leukocytes and LIM Domain Binding 2: TheStockholm Atherosclerosis Gene Expression (STAGE) Study

Authors: S. Hägg, J. Skogsberg, J. Lundström, P. Noori, R. Nilsson, H. Zhong, S. Maleki, M.-M. Shang, B. Brinne, M. Bradshaw, V.B. Bajic, (...) J. Tegner*
Lim domain binding 2 Messenger RNA Transcription factor Unclassified drug Gene Expression Profiling Genetic transcription

The transcriptional network controls growth arrest and differentiation in a human myeloid leukemia cell line

Authors: The FANTOM consortium, RIKEN Genome Exploration Research Group: H. Suzuki et al.
Base sequence Cell differentiation Cell proliferation Gene Expression Profiling Gene Regulatory Networks Leukemia Molecular sequence data

Deconstructing the core dynamics from a complex time-lagged regulatory biological circuit IET

Authors: O. Eriksson, B. Brinne, Y., Zhou, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Cell cycles Complex models Computational Biology Model complexity Molecular networks Nonlinear computational models Protein networks System analysis

Bridging the gap between systems biology and medicine

Authors: G. Clermont, C. Auffray, Y. Moreau, D.M. Rocke, D. Dalevi, D. Dubhashi, D.R. Marshall, P. Raasch, F. Dehne, P. Provero, J. Tegnér, B.J. Aronow, M.A. Langston, M. Benson
Experimental design Gene regulatory network Integrative medicine Microarray analysis Priority journal Protein interaction Systems biology

Can modular analysis identify disease-associated candidate genes for therapeutics?

Authors: J. Tegnér
Anti-allergic agents Automatic data processing Gene Expression Profiling Gene expression regulation Hypersensitivity

Computational disease modeling – fact or fiction?

Authors: J. Tegnér, A. Compte, C. Auffray, G. An, G. Cedersund, G. Clermont, B. Gutkin, Z.N. Oltvai, K. Enno Stephan, R. Thomas, P. Villoslada
Biology Computational Biology Computer simulation Disease Uncertainty

Reverse engineering of gene networks with LASSO and non-linear basis functions

Authors: M. Gustafsson, M. Hörnqvist, J. Lundström, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
DREAM conference LARS LASSO Network inference Nonlinear Reverse engineering

An algorithm for reading dependencies from the minimal undirected independence map of a graphoid that satisfies weak transitivity

Year:2009 ISSN:15324435
Authors: J. Pena, R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Bioinformaties Graphical models Graphoids Vertex separation Weak transitivity

Mechanism for Top-down control of working memory capacity

Authors: F. Edin, T. Klingberg, P. Johansson, F. McNab, J. Tegnér, A. Compte
Computer model fMRI Lateral inhibition Parietal Prefrontal Short-term memory

On reliable discovery of molecular signatures

Authors: R. Nilsson, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Accurate prediction Cancer gene expression False discovery rate Molecular signatures Predictive accuracy Signature discovery Statistical framework Statistical hypothesis testing

Genome-wide system analysis reveals stable yet flexible network dynamics in yeast

Authors: M. Gustafsson, M. Hörnkvist, J. Björkegren, J. Tegnér
Cell cycle Cellular network Design Principles Dynamical networks Expression data Flexible networks Gene Regulatory Networks Higher-order dynamics Literature mining Modular coupling

Transcription regulatory network analysis using CAGE

Authors: J. Tegnér, J. Björkegren, T. Ravasi, V. Bajic
Network analysis CAGE Gene expression

On stability of limit cycles of a prototype problem of piecewise linear systems

Authors: O. Eriksson, J. Tegnér, Y. Zhou
Cell membranes Delta sigma modulation Linear systems Machinery Nonlinear systems Piecewise linear techniques

Networks in Biology – from identification, analysis to interpretation

Authors: J. Tegnér
Biological networks Medical applications

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