Data integration: towards understanding biological complexity

Authors: D. Gomez-Cabrero, J. Tegner
Data integration Biological entities Knowledge Databases and Ontologies Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBOs) KDs and Ontologies Clustering algorithms Gene-set analysis

Workflow for generating competing hypothesis from models with parameter uncertainty

Authors: D. Gomez-Cabrero, A. Compte, J. Tegnér
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Systems biology

Decoding complex biological networks – tracing essential and modulatory parameter combinations in complex and simplified models of the cell cycle

Authors: O. Eriksson, T. Andersson, Y. Zhou, J. Tegnér
Complex biological networks Cell cycle Cell division Mathematical models

ParkDB: a Parkinson´s disease gene expression database

Authors: C. Taccioli, J. Tegnér, V. Maselli, D. Gomez-Cabrero, G. Altobelli, W. Emmett, F. Lescai, S. Gustincich, E. Stupka
Databases Gene expression regulation Molecular sequence annotation Parkinson disease

Epigenetic alterations in autoimmune disease

Authors: E. Ballestar, B.M. Javierre, L. de la Rica, D. Gómez-Cabrero, J. Tegnér, C. Gomez-Vaquero, J. Narvaez, H. Hernando, V.C. Rodriguez, R. Vento, J. Rodriguez Ubreva
Autoimmune disease Epigenetics DNA Epstein Barr-virus

Blood levels of dual-specificity phosphatase-1independently predict risk for post-operative morbidities causing prolonged hospitilization after coronary artery bypass grafting

Authors: S. Hägg, M. Salehpour, P. Noori, J. Lundström, G. Possnert, R. Takolander, P. Konrad, S. Rosfors, A. Ruusalepp, J. Skogsberg, J. Tegnér, J. Björkegren
Biological marker Coronary artery disease Dual-specificity phosphatase-1 Gene Expression Profiling

Carotid plaque age is a feature of plaque stability inversely related to levels of plasma insulin

Authors: S. Hägg, T. Alserius, P. Noori, J. Skogsberg, A. Ruusalepp, T. Ivert, J. Tegnér, J. Björkegren
Carotid artery diseases Carotid stenosis Immunohistochemistry Insulin Mass spectrometry

Systems medicine and integrated care to combat chronic noncommunicable diseases

Authors: J. Bousquet, J.M. Anto, P.J. Sterk, I.M. Adcock, (…) J. Tegnér, S. Verjovski-Almeida, P. Wellstead, O. Wolkenhauer, E. Wouters, R. Balling, A.J. Brookes, D. Charron, C. Pison, Z. Chen, L. Hood, C. Auffray
Systems medicine Cardiovascular disease Chronic disease Systems biology

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