Peri Noori, MSc

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Research Interests

​The complex relationship between cells and other biological structures has driven Peri to expand her knowledge of the molecules and methods for discovering and analyzing them, which create the world around her to understand biological topics in greater depth. It is a big challenge to optimize and develop new method, which need analytical and evaluative skills.

Selected Publications

  • ​Carotid plaque age is a feature of plaque stability inversely related to levels of plasma insulin
    S. Hägg, M. Salehpour, P. Noori, J. Lundström, G. Possnert, R. Takolander, P. Konrad, S. Rosfors, A. Ruusalepp, J. Skogsberg, J. Tegnér, J. Björkegren
    PLoS One, Apr 7;6(4), 2011
  • Blood levels of dual-specificity phosphatase-1 independently predict risk for post-operative morbidities causing prolonged hospitalization after coronary artery bypass grafting
    S. Hägg, T. Alserius, P. Noori, A. Ruusalepp, T. Ivert, J. Tegnér, J. Björkegren, J. Skogsberg
    Int J Mol Med.;27(6):851-7, 2011
  • Multi-organ expression profiling uncovers a gene module in coronary artery disease involving transendothelial migration of leukocytes and LIM domain binding 2: the Stockholm Atherosclerosis Gene Expression (STAGE) study
    S. Hägg, J. Skogsberg, J. Lundström, P. Noori, R. Nilsson, H. Zhong, S. Maleki, M.M. Shang, B. Brinne, M. Bradshaw, V.B. Bajic, A. Samnegård, A. Silveira, L.M. Kaplan, B. Gigante, K. Leander, U. de Faire, S. Rosfors, U. Lockowandt, J. Liska, P. Konrad, R. Takolander, A. Franco-Cereceda, E.E. Schadt, T. Ivert, A. Hamsten, J. Tegnér, J. Björkegren
    PLoS Genet.; 5(12), 2009
  • A comparison of somatic mutational spectra in healthy study populations from Russia, Sweden and USA
    P. Noori, S. Hou, I.M. Jones, C.B. Thomas, B. Lambert
    Carcinogenesis.; 26 (6): 1138-51, 2005
  • Mutational spectrum induced by acetaldehyde in the HPRT gene of human T lymphocytes resembles that in the p53 gene of oesophageal cancers
    P. Noori, S.M. Hou
    Carcinogenesis; 22(11):1825-30, 2001
  • Molecular characterization of two deletion events involving Alu-sequences, one novel base substitution and two tentative hotspot mutations in the hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase (HPRT) gene in five patients with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
    T. Tverdik, S. Marcus, S.M. Hou, S. Falt, P. Noori, N. Podlutskaja, F. Hanefeld, P. Stromme, B. Lambert
    Hum Genet., 103(3):311-8, 1998
  • Methylglyoxal induces hprt mutation and DNA adducts in human T-lymphocytes in vitro
    S.M. Hou, P. Nori, J.L. Fang, C.E. Vaca
    Environ Mol Mutagen., 26(4):286-91, 1995


  • ​M.Sc., in molecular genetics, 1985

Professional Profile

  • ​1992 – 2017: Karolinska institutet, Stockholm
  • 1985 – 1989: Genetic department at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mosco

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (BESE)

Research Interests Keywords

Methods in molecular biology Molecular biology

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