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Principal Investigator

Professor Jesper Tegnér

Professor of Bioscience and Computer Science

Single cell genomic analysis, Artificial intelligence, Live cell imaging, Stem cell biology, Dynamical systems, Machine learning, Neuroscience, Collective computation, Systems biology, Natural computation, Bioinformatics

Research Group Staff

Reham Alansari

​Research Assistant

Research Scientists

Hayedeh Behzad, PhD

Bioscience, Molecular biology

Manjula Thimma, PhD

Bioinformatics, Data analysis, Computational biology

Robert Lehmann, PhD

Bioinformatics, Genomics, Evolution

Postdoctoral Fellows

Asima Zia, PhD

Single cell genomic analysis, Bioscience

Khaled Alsayegh, PhD

Shared with Professor Mo Li

Single cell genomics, Stem cell biology

Subash Balsamy, PhD

Non-linear dynamics, Mathematical modeling

Sumeer Khan, PhD

Machine learning, Unsupervised deep learning, Single cell analysis, Medical Image analysis

Woojin Yang, PhD

Computational biology, Multi-omics data integration, Deep learning, Single cell genomics

PhD Students

Jin Ye

Bioinformatics, Evolution, Bioscience

Juan Pablo Munoz Diaz

Applied mathematics, Bioscience, Dynamical systems, Deep learning, Bifurcation Theory

Masters Students

Ali O. Balubaid

Mathematical modeling, Bioscience

Anuj Daga

Machine learning, Deep learning, Computational biology

Mohammed A. AlDajani

Bioengineering, Computational biology, Medicine

Weihong Song

Bioinformatics, Medical imaging processing, Bioscience

Visiting Students

Juan Pablo Bernal Tamayo

Applied mathematics, Mathematical modeling, Computational genomics

Larisa M. Soto

Bioinformatics, Single cell genomics, Machine learning

Minxing Pang

Transfer Learning, Adversarial Learning, Genetics

Rifaldy Fajar

Genomics, Applied mathematics, Systems biology

Sally Qu

Bioinformatics, Genomics, AI in medicine, Machine learning

Victor Guiochin Marín

Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithmic information theory

Research Consultants

Hector Zenil, PhD

Assistant Professor at Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden

Natural computation, Network Biology, Algorithmic information theory

Hiromasa Morikawa, PhD

Vinnmer-Marie Curie Fello​

Immunology, Oncology, Single cell analysis, Bioinformatics

Peri Noori, MSc

Methods in molecular biology, Molecular biology


David Gómez Cabrero, PhD

​Head of the TransBio Unit

Translational bioinformatics, Single cell genomics and bioinformatics, Computational biology

Narsis Kiani, PhD

Assistant Professor at Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden

Systems biology, Mathematics, Information dynamics

Yang C.-H. Huck

Georgia Institute of Technology

Machine learning, Bioscience, Engineering


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King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 1924 – 2015

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